Ave, qui morituri. Ego salutant te!

Welcome to XCOM: Twilight Watch, an organization mandated by the UN Security Council to research and combat the extraterrestrial force menacing planet earth and its constituent peoples. As members of this organization; you will be given access to the best intelligence, the best technology, and the best medical and psychological support that you deserve. You are key parts of a dedicated team that will defend innocent civilians, encounter dangerous aliens, capture new technology for mankind, and police the spread of potentially dangerous knowledge and technologies.

But first, some paperwork is required. Attached are the guidelines for submitting your resume. Current employees will be given a copy of their resume for editing to conform to new guidelines. New employees will be given blank forms to fill out, with some suggested answers.

Please stay tuned for the details for your next mission and further information.

-XCOM Administration


P.S. Please make your characters using the merits found within the God Machine Rules Update which can be downloaded for free here: WoD GMC or from me as an attachment. If you have a new character, start with one of the templates (see attached) and spend 35 experience to customize. If you have an old character, edit the document I am sending you in the next email. Specifically, chance your vices and virtues and old merits when they conflict (as all fighting style merits now do). Super cool paper character sheets are also attached (thanks Dion!) in case you want a hard copy. Please fill out each section in the psychological profile for your new or old characters.

P.P.S. If you have character creation questions, please reference the Hunter: the Vigil, Armory, Armory: Reloaded, Dogs of War, and World of Darkness core rulebooks as those will be canon for much of this game. Rules and regulations, as well as the UFOpedia, can be found on Obsidian Portal.

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Survival Tips and Standard Operating Procedures

1. Solomon Doctrine: always bring more of what you need than you think will be strictly necessary.
2. Remington Protocol: if you think someone is possessed or infected by an alien, err on the safe side.