Alexi Zweihund

German field medic



Intelligence 3, Wits 3, Resolve 3
Strength 3, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3
Presence 2, Manipulation 2, Composure 3

Vital Stats:

Health 8
Willpower 6
Speed 11
Initiative 6


Academics 2 (Warfare), Computer 2, Crafts 2, Medicine 3 (First Aid)

Athletics 3 (Rappel), Brawl 2, Drive 2, Firearms 3 (Rifles), Stealth 2, Survival 1, Weaponry 2

Intimidation 2, Socialize 2.


Resources 2
Iron Stamina 1
Professional Training (soldier) 2 [Notes: Medicine and Academics associated skills]
Firefight 2
Tolerance for Biology 1
Medkit 3
Mimetic Skin 2
Language: English 1
Language: Arabic 1

Total Beats: 101
Spent Beats: 85
Practical Experience Withdrawn: n/a
Rank: Private
Profession: Soldier

Psychological Profile:
1. What is the worst thing you have ever done?:
Mercy killing a child because she couldn’t get the medicine he needed in time.
2. What is the worst thing you can imagine yourself doing?:
Intentionally killing someone who is in her care.
3. What is the worst thing you can imagine someone else doing?:
Sending someone else into a war-zone in their stead.
4. What have you forgotten?:
Back when she was a kid, Alexi was coming home from school and saw a large, dog-like creature standing up in one of the fields. It looked at her with glowing eyes, and she ran home as quickly as she could and later rationalized that she was just imagining things and that it was actually a tree she saw.
5. What is the most traumatic thing that has happened to you?:
When she first joined Doctors Without Borders, Alexi was transporting sick villagers to their makeshift hospital, and the truck right in front of her drove over an IED.
6. Integrity: 7
7. Breaking Points:
- Choosing between two impossible decisions.
- Harming someone she’s societally obligated to take care of.
- Someone else going into danger when she could reasonably do it.
- Half-glimpsed dark, animal-like creature.
- Vehicle destroyed right next to her.
8. Conditions:
9. Virtue: Generous
10. Vice: Violent

Background Check:
1. Nationality: Germany
2. Citizenship: German
3. Education: Medical school, Sanitätsdienst (medical branch of German Armed Forces)
4. Previous Employers: Sanitätsdienst, Doctors Without Borders
5. Area of Expertise:
6. Contacts: Doctors Without Borders, World Health Organization
7. Family: immediate family in German countryside (grandmother, parents, older brother, younger brother)

Training Completed:
Projects Completed:
Missions Completed:


Alexi grew up in a relatively normal household in the German countryside with her family, but she always had the drive to help others. This led her to try and pursue a career as a doctor, and she worked hard to be accepted into one of Germany’s medical schools. After graduating, though, Alexi joined the Sanitätsdienst instead of working at a hospital. She stayed there for a few years before being honorably discharged and joining up with Doctors Without Borders. It was during this time that Alexi learned about XCOM and elected to join them in their fight against the aliens, employing her past experiences to act as a field medic.

Alexi Zweihund

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