David ben Yalu Saliya

Israeli Engineer


Intelligence 4, Wits 3, Resolve 3, Strength 3, Dexterity 3 Stamina 3, Composure 3, Presence 3, Manipulation 3.

Academics 2 (warfare), Computers 3 (favored) (Ai’s), Craft 4 (favored) (Aircraft, Automotive, Jury Rigging, [Lasers]), Investigation 2, Politics 1, Science 3 (favored) [Lasers], Athletics 3, Brawl 2, Firearms 3 (Pistols, Laser Weapons, Plasma Weapons), Drive 2, Stealth 1, Survival 1, Weaponry 1, Expression 2, Persuasion 2, Socialize 1 (Scuttlebut).

Merits: Status (Officer XCOM) 3, Trained Memory, Resources 3, Professional Training 3, Direction Sense, Ambidextrous 3, Language: English 2, Contacts 2, Explosive Ordinance Disposal, Make Do 3, Fast Reflexes 2.


Styles: Firefight 2,

Beats: 10


Breaking points: watching comrades die for pointless gains, Friendly fire (unless really needed), unacceptable casualties. Explosions in cities.

Laser rifle damage:3 Range:225/450/900 Rounds:60 Init(-2) strength (2) AP 1, Beam
Laser Pistol dmg: 2(9-Again) Range: 35/75/150 ammo: 25 Init (0) Strength: 2 A P 1

Health: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Rank: Captain
Profession: Engineer
Psychological Profile:
1. What is the worst thing you have ever done?: Ordering the destruction of an apartment complex, as a temporary officer, and discovering there was no weapon cache inside.
2. What is the worst thing you can imagine yourself doing?: Not ordering a nuclear strike on a densely populated city, when the city is lost beyond all hope.
3. What is the worst thing you can imagine someone else doing?: Same thing.
4. What have you forgotten?: What a good night’s sleep feels like since joining XCOM. Damn nightmares.
5. What is the most traumatic thing that has happened to you?: His squad dying during a mission, and then getting captured and tortured.
6. Integrity: 7
7. Breaking Points: Failing responsibility, being the last man standing in a mission, having a mission or great effort be in vain, having a nightmare come true.
8. Conditions: Being the last man standing in a mission, when there are over four times more civilians dying than aliens due to XCOM.
9. Virtue: Tenacity
10. Vice: Pride
Background Check:
1. Nationality: Ethiopian
2. Citizenship: Israel
3. Education:
i. B.S. Aeronautical Engineering, Physics. Tel Aviv University.
ii. M.S. Aeronautical Engineering. Tel Aviv University.
4. Previous Employers:
i. Israeli Defense Force.
ii. Israeli Aerospace Industries
5. Area of Expertise:
i. Aircraft design.
ii. New technology integration.
6. Contacts:
i. Oxford University
ii. Israel Defense Force
iii. Israel Aerospace Industries
7. Family:
i. Yalu ben Abraham Saliya (wife’s last name; Father).
ii. Revka Saliya (Mother).
iii. Leah Saliya (Sister, Deceased).
iv. Schlomo (Solomon) Saliya (Brother, IDF).

Psychological Profile:
1. Virtue: Tenacity
2. Vice: Pride
3. Morality: 7
4. Poor command and decision making skills.
Background Check:
1. Israeli citizen.
2. Ethiopian/Israeli Heritage.
3. B.S. Aeronautical Engineering, Physics. Tel Aviv University.
4. M.S. Aeronautical Engineering. Tel Aviv University.
Training Completed:
1. Explosive Ordinance Training.
2. Basic Training.
Projects Completed:
1. Construction of Titan 100 Assault Platform.
2. Refitting of Predator Drone.
3. Elerium Sidearm Research.
4. Xenomorph.
5. Energy Weapons.
6. Pulse Grenade.
Missions Completed:
1. Scientific mission to repair Predator drone and conceal evidence of its destruction.
2. Espionage mission to Rome, Italy to uncover evidence of an antagonistic operative and foster scientific collaboration.
3. Mission to compile a dossier on Enrico Condottieri and COMSUBIN.
4. Mission to negotiate with BLACKWATCH and suborn scientific assets.
5. Mission to repel alien invasion of Birkirkara, Malta.
6. Mission to protect a town against the alien threat in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan.
7. Mission to assault an alien craft in central Laos.
8. Mission to investigate alien activity in Mogadishu, Somalia.
9. Mission to research and market alien nutrition.
10. Mission to refit the UAV.
11. Mission to conduct a Phase III clinical trial of Nutrigrey in the Central African Republic.
12. Mission to survive an assault by Ejercito del Orinoco in Brasil.
13. Mission to assault an alien craft in the Sudan.
14. Mission to rescue Li from Chinese military forces in China.
15. Mission to reconnoiter EDO activity in Ecuador.
16. Mission to assault an alien base in Stockholm, Sweden.
17. Mission to research captured Xenomorphs.
18. Mission to contain an alien infestation in Chile.
19. Mission to clear an alien infestation from an XCOM agent.
20. Mission to investigate an alien incursion in Hungary.
21. Mission to command NATO warfighters over Hungary.
22. Mission to clear alien containment in Japan.
23. Mission to raid an Ejercito del Orinoco facility in Colombia.
24. Mission to publish research on Alien Electronics.
25. Mission to sell a laser rifle to Mossad.
26. Mission to defend the CDC in Atlanta, Georgia.
1. Responsible for the destruction of XCOM technology (Two Laser Pistols).
2. Decorated for injuries received while on a mission in Stockholm, Sweden (Decoration ••).
3. Awarded Sweden Field Medal (Decoration •).
4. Awarded the Veteran Operative Medal (Decoration •) for completing 10 missions.
5. Accused of attempting to murder Solomon.

If left without Xcom’s resources, he would try to make a militia and continue the fight against the aliens because humanity would be screwed otherwise.

David ben Yalu Saliya

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