James T. Kirk

American billionaire playboy socialite politician


Attributes: Intelligence 3, Wits 4, Resolve 2, Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3, Presence 4, Manipulation 4, Composure 2
exp 48

Skills: Academics 2 (Conferences), Computer 1, Crafts 1, Investigation 1, medicine1 (first aid), Occult 1, Politics 4 (Funding, world politics, public relations),Athletics 2, Firearms 2 (kriss), Larceny 4 (forgery), Weaponry 1, Empathy 1, Expression 2, Persuasion 5 (Spin, Negotiation), Socialize 4 (Seduction), Streetwise 2 (black market), Subterfuge 2.

Merits: Striking Looks 4, Eidetic Memory, Resources 7, Professional Training 5, Common Sense, Allies 1 (XCOM), Contacts (UNSC, Associated Press, Sons of Sirius, XCOM, Cheiron Group), Status (XCOM ) 3, Contacts (Black Market), Allies (Black Market) 1, Inspiring, Corporation 4, Retainer (Ghost Dog) 4, Fast Talking 5, Pusher, Fixer, toxin resistance, need to know 3, telepathy 3

Total Experience: 77

Spent Experience: ?

Practical Experience Withdrawn: 49

Rank: Captain

Profession: Socialite

Psychological Profile:

Integrity: 5
Conditions: Addiction (Persistent): Alcohol
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Greed

Background Check:

  1. Contact (UN Security Council)
  2. Contact (Sons of Sirius)
  3. Contact (XCOM)
  4. Contact (Associated Press)
  5. Contact (Cheiron Group)
  6. Resources 7
  7. United States Citizen
  8. Engaged in litigation regarding accusation of embezzlement and other white-collar crimes.

Training Completed:

  1. Basic Training.
  2. Officer Candidate School.
  3. Forgery Seminar.
  4. Seminar on Global Affairs.
  5. Seminar on Corporate Politics.
  6. Seminar on Learning.
  7. Lobcon.
  8. Seminar on Public Speaking.
  9. Advanced Terrain Negotiation (FAILED).

Projects Completed:

Missions Completed:

  1. Negotiations to secure release of hostages and procure an alien craft in Venezuela.
  2. Mission to monitor activity of Venezuelan Warlord’s scientific allies in Caracas, Venezuela.
  3. Mission to recover alien technology in Caracas, Venezuela.
  4. Compiled a dossier on El Ejercito del Orinoco and Antonio Diaz.
  5. Mission to secure funding from the Italian government in Rome, Italy.
  6. Mission to secure funding from the Field Projects Division of Cheiron Group Ltd.
  7. Mission to reconnoiter disposition of forces unfriendly to New Africa Initiative along the Eastern border of the Republic of the Congo.
  8. Mission to repel alien invasion of Birkirkara, Malta.
  9. Mission to investigate alien activity in Mogadishu, Somalia.
  10. Mission to research and market alien nutrition.
  11. Mission to conduct a Phase III clinical trial of Nutrigrey in the Central African Republic.
  12. Mission to survive an assault by Ejercito del Orinoco in Brasil.
  13. Mission to assault an alien infested laboratory in Germany.
  14. Mission to demonstrate alien technology at X-CON in China.
  15. Mission to assault an alien base in Stockholm, Sweden.
  16. Mission to dissolve the alliance between Sweden and the extraterrestrials.
  17. Mission to contain an alien infestation in Chile.
  18. Mission to investigate an alien incursion in Hungary.
  19. Mission to sell Grey alien corpses to India.
  20. Mission to sell a laser rifle to Mossad.
  21. Mission to investigate Russian research into the extraterrestrials.
  22. Mission to investigate operatives encountered in Iraq.
  23. Mission to defend the CDC in Atlanta, Georgia.


  1. Awarded the Veteran Operative Medal (Decoration •) for completing 10 missions.
  2. Possesses a prototype submachine gun of unknown origin.
  3. Responsible for destruction of XCOM equipment (Minigun and 360 rounds of ammunition).
  4. Trained in Profiling.
  5. Runs a private corporation, PBC, that lobbies and conducts academic research.

Psychological Profile:

What is the worst thing you have ever done?:

accepting blood money
What is the worst thing you can imagine yourself doing?:
genocide for power
What is the worst thing you can imagine someone else doing?:
global thermonuclear war
What have you forgotten?:
i dont remember the time between that alien showing up and waking up
What is the most traumatic thing that has happened to you?:
i had to shoot a gun at those kidnappers and i might have hit one of them
Integrity: 7

Breaking Points:

knowingly accepting blood money
hurting lots of people for power
let the worst imaginable thing happen
losing a memory
aiming a gun at a human
Background Check:

Nationality: american Citizenship: yes Education: masters in political science Previous Employers: pbc, politician Area of Expertise: politics/social Contacts: many Family: parents, no siblings Appearance: a work of art

James T. Kirk

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