Ek praat nie Engels


Attributes: Intelligence 3, Wits 3, Resolve 3, Strength 3, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3, Presence 3, Manipulation 2, Composure 3.

Skills: Academics 2 (Warfare), Crafts 2, Computer 2, Medicine 1, Athletics 2 (Climbing), Brawl 1, Stealth 3 (Sneaking up on people and killing them), Firearms 4 (Shotguns, Rifle), Survival 3 (Orienteering), Weaponry 2 (Machete), Expression 1, Intimidation 2, Socialize 2.

Merits: Firefight 1, Light Weapons: 1, Marksmanship: 1, Resources 2, Professional Training 4, Status (XCOM) 2, Outdoorsman, Contacts (Smugglers, Hitmen, PMC), Quick Draw (Machete).


Total Experience: 56
Spent Experience: 53
Practical Experience Withdrawn: 22
Rank: Corporal
Profession: Hitman
Psychological Profile:
1. Virtue: Prudence
2. Vice: Bloodthirsty
Background Check:
1. Afrikaaner
Training Completed:
1. Basic Training
2. Field Survival
3. Sniper Recon
4. Energy Weapons
Projects Completed:
Missions Completed:
1. Response to Emergency at Cheiron Group Laboratory.
2. Mission to recover an UFO from Venezuela.
3. Mission to destroy alien craft in Stockholm, Sweden.
4. Espionage mission to Rome, Italy to uncover evidence of an antagonistic operative and foster scientific collaboration.
5. Mission to negotiate with BLACKWATCH and suborn scientific assets.
6. Mission to conduct reconnaissance of terrorist operations and capture one alive in Sicily.
7. Mission to investigate a landed alien craft in Laos.
8. Mission to assault an alien infested laboratory in Germany.
9. Mission to demonstrate alien technology at X-CON in China.
10. Mission to extract hostages for the New Africa Initiative in Mozambique.
11. Mission to assault an alien base in Stockholm, Sweden.
12. Mission to research captured Xenomorphs.
13. Mission to contain an alien infestation in Chile.
14. Mission to sell Grey alien corpses to India.
15. Mission to investigate an alien invasion of Darwin, Northwest Territory, Australia.
1. Dispatched two enemy combatants armed with automatic weapons in close quarters with a machete.
2. Instrumental in rescuing captured agents in Venezuela.
3. Received purple heart (Decoration ••) for wounds sustained in Venezuela.
4. Awarded Sicilian Mission Field Medal (Decoration •).
5. Awarded Sweden Mission Field Medal (Decoration •).
6. Awarded the Veteran Operative Medal (Decoration •) for completing 10 missions.
7. Can be counted on for unofficial missions.


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