Victor Von Steave

midget Russian sniper


Victor Von Steve

Attributes: Intelligence 3, Wits 3, Resolve 3, Strength 3, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3, Presence 2, Manipulation 2, Composure 3.
Academics 2 (Warfare), Crafts 2, Computer 2, Medicine 1 , Athletics 3 (Rappel), Brawl 2, Drive 2, Firearms 3+2# (Rifles)(sniper rifles)# , Stealth 2*, Survival 1, Weaponry 2, Intimidation 2, Socialize 2.
Merits: Resources 2, Iron Stamina 1, Professional Training 2, Firefight 2, small framed 2,! Marksmanship 4,! trained observer 1.!

Size: 4
Speed: 11
Defense: 6
Initiative: 6

Total beats: 35!+21(session beats)*
Spent beats:80
Practical Experience Withdrawn:25#
Rank: Private
Profession: Soldier
Psychological Profile:
1. What is the worst thing you have ever done?: shot a man in front of his family
2. What is the worst thing you can imagine yourself doing?: shoot a family in front of a man
3. What is the worst thing you can imagine someone else doing?:
4. What have you forgotten?: What killed his family
5. What is the most traumatic thing that has happened to you?: Watching his entire family killed in front of him
6. Integrity: 7
7. Breaking Points:
8. Conditions:
9. Virtue: 
10. Vice: 
Background Check:
1. Nationality: Russian
2. Citizenship: Russian
3. Education:
4. Previous Employers:
5. Area of Expertise:
6. Contacts:
7. Family:
Training Completed:
Projects Completed:
Missions Completed:

Small Framed: Your character is diminutive. She’s not even five feet tall and it’s easy to walk into her without noticing. She’s Size 4 and thus has one fewer Health box. She gains +2 to any rolls to hide or go unnoticed. This bonus might apply any time being smaller would be an advantage, such as crawling through smaller spaces. Available only at character creation. Drawback: In addition to the lower Health, your character might be overlooked or not taken seriously by some people.

Marksmanship: Through the Crosshairs (•): Your character is a competent sniper, able to sit in position and steel her wits. Usually, the maximum bonus from aiming is three dice. With Through the Crosshairs, it’s equal to her Composure + Firearms. Precision Shot (••): With this level of training, your character knows how to effectively disable a victim instead of focusing on the kill. When attacking a specified target, you may reduce your weapon’s damage rating one-for-one to ignore penalties for shooting a specified target (see p. 203). For example, if you’re using a sniper rifle (4 damage weapon), and attacking an arm (–2 to hit), you could choose to use 3 damage reduce that to –1, or 2 damage to eliminate the penalty entirely. A Shot Rings Out (•••): A master sniper, your character has no worries or lack of confidence. She can fire into a crowd and strike a specific target without penalty. If she misses, it’s because her shot goes wide. She will never hit an unintended target.
Ghost (••••): Your character has trained to shoot unseen and vanish without a trace. Her Firearms score acts as a penalty on any roll to notice her vantage point, or any Investigation or Perception roll to investigate the area from which she shot.

Trained Observer: Any time you make a Perception roll (usually Wits + Composure), you benefit from the 9-again quality


Victor Von Steave

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