Alien Alloys

Superconductive, light, and strong


This remarkable substance is the primary material used to manufacture alien technologies, making the alloys an essential resource with many potential applications in various XCOM projects. The alloy is responsive to specific gravitonic vibrations, and repurposing salvaged alloys is simple once these signals have been worked out. At one frequency they are liquid and can be cast like molten metal, and when the frequency is removed they become lighter and harder than steel. At other frequencies, the alien alloys behave more like a plastic substance. We are only beginning to unlock their potential.

Alien Alloys are required for a wide variety of projects, including the manufacture of advanced body armor, items, and weapons, the construction of facilities, as well as research projects and equipment upgrades.

The technology to produce these materials has not been reproduced on earth, and so the aliens are the only means to acquire them. Any alien artifact can be salvaged to recover these alloys with a Wits + Crafts roll, yielding 1 unit per success multiplied by the size of the item.

XCOM possesses X units of Alien Alloys.


Alien Alloys

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