Meld is found in containers that need to be captured and it will be present in most mission types: Abductions, Crashed UFO and Landed UFO missions. Two Meld canisters will be randomly located on the map, one in an easy to reach spot (near the deployment zone) and one hard spot. Each Meld canister will contain 10 Meld.

Meld canisters have a self-destruct timer that will destroy the resource and damage any player units nearby if not reached quickly enough; a Meld canister can be destroyed without exploding but loses its high cover status. The self-destruct timers start at the beginning of the match but are not known to the player until a canister is spotted; each canister has its own individual timer (~5 turns for an easy canister and ~10 turns for a hard canister).

Meld acts by coordinating the metaphysical and physiological properties of the patient. It facilitates the incorporation of mechanical or genetic augmentation and can help the host fight off foreign elements of this nature. It is somehow tied to the aliens’ use of psychic powers and genetic augmentation, and may prove to be a slippery slope.


Recovering Meld opens up a new research project called Meld Recombination. Upon completion this project opens up two new base facilities: Genetics Lab and Cybernetics Lab. In the Genetic Lab, Meld can be used to grant your soldiers super-human abilities through Gene Mods. In the Cybernetics Lab, Meld can be used to transform your soldiers into MEC Troopers and to build MECs for them to use in combat. Meld canisters can be tracked down using a Meld Sensor that detects the nanites.

XCOM possesses 0 units of Meld



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