Conventional Armor

Reinforced Clothing
While not explicitly designed as armor, a wide number of occupations employee reinforced clothing (such as fireman gear, or the leathers worn by motorcyclists).

Kevlar Vest
The vest stops bullets, edged weapons and blunt attacks with some efficiency. It is primarily used by civilian security and law enforcement and can be worn beneath regular clothing.

Flak Jacket
Also called simply “Bullet Proof Vest”, The Modern Flak Jacket is a strict improvement over the older version employed in the 1960’s. This is standard equipment for combat personnel the world over.

Alien Alloy Inserts
These are hyper-thin plates of alien alloys that can be inserted into conventional body armor, giving it a 0/1 armor rating. Plates are destroyed when you are hit by an attack that would deal lethal or higher damage.

Materials: 1 Alien Alloys.

XCOM Body Armor
This armor is considered standard issue for most of XCOM’s soldiers. It provides full body coverage (including helmet). It is lighter and better fitting than standard modern full body armor. This armor uses terrestrial materials, and is readily available.

XCOM Carapace Armor
This armor incorporates alien materials into its construction, and features lightweight ceramic and alloy plates designed to dissipate energy attacks. This armor is destroyed if you take 5 or more lethal or aggravated damage in a single attack.

Materials: 25 Alien Alloys.

XCOM Archangel Armor
Archangel armor incorporates Elerium anti-gravity technology in a similar manner used by the Floater alien species. The power drain and need for lighter materials results in less comprehensive protection, but allows for greater maneuverability. Using Archangel armor gives the wearer the ability to fly in any direction a distance equal to their speed. Using 1 point of power, the wearer can jump a distance equal 4x Speed using an instant action. This armor is destroyed if you take 5 or more lethal or aggravated damage in a single attack.

Materials: 20 Alien Alloys, 5 Alien Electronics, 1 Elerium-300.

Mechanized Exoskeletal Cybersuit
Mechanized Exoskeletal Cybersuits, or MECs, are powerful battlesuits that mount an array of useful weaponry and support equipment. Each MEC can be customized to fit specific tactical approaches. If a MEC Trooper dies, his MEC can be recovered and repaired in the Cybernetics Lab. The suit can only be used if a soldier undergoes the Bellator en Machina program. Wearing the suit confers 4 extra points of Size (and Health) and immunity to fire and poison. Wearing the suit also confers +4 to Strength rolls. The MEC Soldier can carry heavy weapons normally mounted on vehicles as well as the Kinetic Fist or Flamethrower module. Up to two soldiers can use the MEC trooper as -2 cover.

Materials: 50 Alien Alloys, 10 Alien Electronics, 5 Meld.

Type Rating Strength Defense Speed Availability Coverage Special
Reinforced Clothing 1/0 1 0 0 Torso, arms, legs Concealed
Kevlar Vest 1/3 1 0 0 Torso Concealed
Flak Jacket 2/4 1 -1 0 ●● Torso, arms
XCOM Body Armor 3/5 2 -1 -1 ●●● Torso, arms, head, legs
XCOM Carapace Armor 4/5 2 -2 -2 ●●●● Torso, arms, head, legs Hardened
XCOM Archangel Armor 3/4 1 0 0 ●●●●● Torso, arms, head, legs Hardened, Power 3, Jump, Flight
MEC 6/7 3 -5 -5 ●●●●● Whole Body Hardened, Immunity to Fire and Poison, +4 Size

Conventional Armor

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