Social Merits

Corporation •-•••
The PC is considered to be head of a board of directors in control of a corporation that uses corporate rules. Use the rules for creating organizations to make your corporation. Each dot purchased in this merit gives 2, 4, or 8 experiences for upgrading the company during creation.

Need to Know •-•••••
Prerequisites: Status •-•••••.
The level of briefing your character is privy to. Gives one piece of useful or interesting information about a mission that would otherwise be denied. Otherwise, this status is an equipment modifier when the actor requests information.

Status (Field): •-•••••
This status represents the character’s authority while in the field when on a mission or away from base. This status can be used as an equipment bonus for social rolls when requisitioning equipment.

Status (Operations) •-•••••
This status represents the character’s authority while on base or planning an operation. This status can be used as an equipment bonus for social rolls when dealing with other people in an XCOM operations setting.

Style Merits

Driving Dodge •
The pilot or driver may go full defensive and use their skill in Drive as extra defense against attacks in vehicular combat.

Rapid Target Acquisition ••
Immediately after acquiring a lock, the pilot may make an attack using a fixed weapon system.

Stunt Pilot •••
Prerequisites: Dexterity •••.
The pilot is able to use weapon systems and fly at the same time.

Vehicular Combat
Prerequisites: Wits/Dexterity •••, Drive •••, Fast Reflexes ••

Situational Awareness •: When engaged in purely vehicular combat, the pilot may add their drive score to their initiative total for the round.

Evasive Maneuvers ••: While engaging in evasive maneuvers, attackers suffer a penalty to hit the pilot equal to the vehicle’s handling bonus while the pilot’s attacks and drive rolls are made at a -2 penalty.

Salvo •••: Your character may make a number of extra vehicular weapon attacks per turn equal to the number of dots in wits they possess in excess of 3. Each attack suffers a cumulative -1 penalty. Example: Iceman has 5 wits, and uses this ability to fire three missiles at Maverick. The first attack is at a -1 penalty, the second at a -2 penalty, and the third at a -3 die penalty. The pilot may not use Situational Awareness or Evasive Maneuvers while using this ability. If either were used previously in the turn, Salvo cannot be used.

Corporate Merits

Dossier •-•••: A state or corporation is capable of compiling an extensive file on a person or organization of interest. A completed dossier includes known associates, a stringent background check, psychological (or business ethics) profile, strengths, and weaknesses of a target. Every dot in this merit gives a +1 to contested social skill rolls against the opposing person or organization.

Prerequisites: Academics ••, Investigation •, successful Compile Dossier action.

Go-Bag ••• or •••••: the corporation has a packet of disposable identities for a team of up to 5 employees. The ••• package includes a Size 1 safehouse, a Secret Identity •• for one person, and passports (Secret Identity •) for up to four others. The ••••• package has a Size 2, Secrecy 1 Safehouse, a Secret Identity ••• for one person, and passports (Secret Identity •) for 4 others. The institution must spend a point of willpower, and these effects last for up to 1 month.

Satellite Installation: purchased through the size, security, materials, workshop, archives, secrecy, cache, amenities, and traps merits. Individual buildings must be constructed. Alternatively, a base may be purchased from an existing organization or taken over. Prerequisites: Resources or Allies equal to the size of the base. Drawbacks: if allies or resources drops beneath size, base may close. Alternatively, the ally may take over the base.

Safehouse (City): purchased as the merit from Hunter: the Vigil p.70-73 and subdivided into size, secrecy, cache, and traps merits. Additional rules on Traps can be found in Slasher p.159-160. Safehouses differ from Satellite Installations in that they are temporary. Clearing out and removing evidence from a Safehouse requires an extended Wits + Streetwise roll with 5 successes required per dot in Size invested. Each roll takes 30 minutes. Once cleared out, the experience spent on the Safehouse is refunded to the organization. Dramatic Failure: the Safehouse looks cleared out, but a crucial clue is left behind that points directly at the organization. Failure: the Safehouse is not cleared out before the deadline. Success: the Safehouse is cleared out and no easily discernible evidence is left behind. Exceptional Success: the Safehouse is cleared out so well that any Investigation rolls receive a -3 die penalty.

Staff •-••••• Each dot of Staff represents either a squad of soldiers or a team of scientists possessed by an organization. Soldiers are based of the NATO soldier antagonist stats in Dogs of War, p.114 with 35 extra experience. Scientists are roughly based off the same template while civilian employees are 104 experience characters.

Base Merits

Amenities •-•••••
Each dot of amenities provides luxuries for the corporation’s employees, providing a +1 morale bonus per dot for some rolls.

Archives •-•••••
Having an archive reduces the time for research rolls to 15 minutes instead of 30 minutes. Each dot indicates a topic present in the base’s archives. This merit also effectively creates an additional space where Intelligence + Academics based research can be conducted.

Cache •-•••••
Each dot of Cache is enough to equip a squad of soldiers with weaponry equal to Resources •••. Additional dots can be used to increase the dots of resources allocated for one squad. For example, XCOM TWILIGHT has Resources •• and Installation Alpha has Cache •••. Installation Alpha’s two squads are each normally equipped with weaponry of up to a cost of Resources •••. Having an excess dot of Armory allows it to equip a squad with weaponry of up to cost of Resources ••••. Alternatively, ten other personnel (non-military) may be equipped with the normal allotment of weaponry in an emergency for each dot of Cache in excess.

Civilian Retainer ••, ••••:
Each purchase of retainer provides a team of scientists or engineers that can conduct a basic research project •• or an advanced research project •••• (provide an additional +2 die bonus to research or construction rolls) and are assigned to a specific base.

Materials •-•••••
Each dot of materials reinforces either the walls or a door of a single facility, detailed on pp.83-84 of Sanctum and Sigil.

Military Retainer ••, ••••:
Each purchase of retainer provides a fire team with the characteristics of police officers •• or SWAT •••• that act as a security team assigned to protect a base at any given time. Attributes are listed on pp.205-7 of the World of Darkness book. The Marksmanship or Firefight merit is substituted for the Allies merit given to these two antagonists.

Secrecy •-•••
By building a base in a hidden location or camouflaged by a seemingly innocent structure, the true nature of an installation can be concealed. Each dot reduces die rolls for attempts to find the base by 1.

Security •-•••••
Each dot of Security has a number of functions as detailed on pp.83-84 of Sanctum and Sigil.

Size •-•••••
A starting base is considered a size 3 installation with 5 building slots unless purchased with less. Size 1: 1 building slot, Size 2: 3 building slots, Size 3: 5 building slots, Size 4: 9 building slots, Size 5: 15 building slots.

Workshop •-•••••
Each dot in this merit provides a 1 die equipment bonus to a particular skill roll. Options include engineering, science, mechanics, and medicine. Total dots are limited by the base’s size.


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