Elerium-300 can be used as fuel and is consumed by advanced vehicles (1 point per mission) and structures (1 point per week) that are fueled by alien technology.

XCOM Possesses 6 units of Elerium-300.


Created by an Elerium Reactor at a rate of 1 per success on an institutional Resolve + Crafts roll once per month. Each additional reactor confers a +3 bonus to the roll.

It difficult to make and contain, and is therefore a highly valuable trade substance. One unit is worth approximately ••••. It cannot be scavenged without the Elerium Containment technology or housed when constructed by a reactor without the Elerium Storage facility.

Elerium-300 can be scavenged from Alien Alloys or Alien Electronics, of which it is an essential component. It takes 20 units of Alien Alloys or 10 units of Alien Electronics to yield one point of Elerium-300.


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