Elerium-303 is used to construct very powerful weapons based on alien technology. It can also be traded as an other item for technologies, resources, or favors. It has an approximate Resource value of •••• per unit.

XCOM possesses 4 units of Elerium-303


Elerium-303 is a barely stable isotope of the Elerium-300 that is used as the alien’s fuel source. It normally occurs as 1% of total Elerium and aids in the release of gravity waves and energy during the breakdown of the Elerium. If enriched, it would provide a high-grade explosive that can be produced from the normal action of a reactor.

To construct Elerium-303, roll the successes from the monthly Resolve + Crafts roll for constructing Elerium-300. Any successes from this produce 1 point of Elerium-303. One point of Elerium-303 can be scavenged from 20 total size of Plasma Weapons. The weapons are destroyed and cannot be used for another purpose.


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