This endowment represents the weapons and equipment created using the aliens’ own technology to fight back against them. Dramatic failure on any activation roll results in the Glitch Condition. A failure may willingly be upgraded to a dramatic failure to gain a beat.

Cybernetic Limb (•••): the use of alien computers, alien electronics, and alien alloys allows XCOM to replace a limb lost in combat. Strength dice pools using the replaced limb receive a +1. The limb must be activated with the expenditure of a point of willpower, and lasts for a day (note that if used every day, this will negate the point of willpower gained after a full night’s sleep). The limb is a Size 3, Durability 5 (Structure 8) object. This limb can be further upgraded (see Hunter: the Vigil 190-195). Two side effects have been noticed with this endowment. The first is that recipients of this limb tend to develop the Delusional (Persistent) Condition where they are increasingly certain the limb is capable of moving on its own. The second is that in order to establish a biokinetic link with the limb the subject must focus on the pain of the original limb’s loss, to the point of bringing on tears.

Activation: before activating the limb for the day, your character must dwell on the intense emotions associated with the loss of the limb, make a Manipulation + Empathy roll subtracting your own Composure. This roll takes 15 minutes.

Dramatic Failure: you gain the Glitch Condition.
Failure: you fail to establish a connection with your limb, you may try again.
Success: your limb synchronizes perfectly and you may use it without penalty.
Exceptional Success: you bond with your limb beyond your expectations, rolls using the limb receive an additional +1 bonus during the day.

Subdermal Armor ••••: submitting oneself to experimental cybernetic modification can have its advantages. This endowment requires a laborious and painful surgical procedure (Intelligence + Medicine, extended, 1 hour per roll, 15 successes required) to implant a network of alien alloys under the skin of the subject. Each hour the character is under the knife, they suffer 1 point of lethal damage. Once installed, however, the network can be activated using biokinetic feedback (spend 2 points of willpower for this effect to last one scene). The activation is extremely painful; the endowment deals 2 points of bashing damage, all rolls after power’s effects have ended suffer a -1 penalty for the next 24 hours and the subject develops a Condition associated with the pain. Also, metal detectors will sense the activated armor (mysteriously, not when it is inactive).

The subdermal armor grants the subject 2/1 armor over their full body (does not stack with body armor) and an additional dot of Stamina (which affects health and all rolls using Stamina). Unusually, the first experimental subjects reported being able to sense the direction of alien life forms when using the armor (allows Wits + Empathy to interpret):

Dramatic Failure you gain the Glitch Condition.
Failure you are unable to interpret the weird sensations.
Success gives direction of nearest alien.
Exceptional Success gives distance.


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