Organization Attributes, Skills, and Advantages

Corporations have a different set of simplified attributes, skills, and merits to reflect their operation on a grander and slower scale than the player characters:


Power: this attribute takes the place of Intelligence, Strength, and Presence for all relevant rolls.
Finesse: this attribute takes the place of Wits, Dexterity, and Manipulation for all relevant rolls.
Resistance: this attribute takes the place of Resolve, Stamina, and Composure for all relevant rolls.

Mental Skills

Acumen: the business skills possessed by the organization. The organization uses this to maintain wealth, make investments, and appraise the value of items or information.
Investigation: as the personal scale skill.
Research: used instead of science or academics.

Physical Skills

Firepower: used instead of firearms, brawl, or weaponry.
Manufacturing: used instead of crafts or expression.
Security: used instead of athletics or larceny.

Social Skills

Espionage: used instead of subterfuge, computers, or streetwise.
Negotiation: used instead of empathy or persuasion.
Public Relations: used instead of Intimidate, politics, or socialize.


Assets: this takes the place of health and is calculated by Resistance + Size.
Initiative: as the personal scale stat, modifier is equal to Power + Finesse.
Defense: this is the higher of the organizations Power or Finesse plus Security.
Reputation: this takes the place of Integrity and starts at 5.
Resources: this takes the place of willpower and represents the liquid cash and purchasing power of an organization. It is equal to Power + Resistance.
Size: equal to Resistance + the number of major (Size 3 or greater) bases possessed by the organization.
Speed: as the personal scale stat, equal to Power + Finesse + 10.


There are six organization archetypes, each corresponding to a particular asset skill.

Archetype Asset Skill Ability
Criminal Espionage Illicit Goods
Government Security Bureaucracy
Law Enforcement Investigation Task Force
Legal Negotiation Legal Action
Manufacturing Manufacturing Improve Production
Marketing Public Relations Spin
Military Firepower Reinforcements
Research and Development Research Rush Project
Trading Company Acumen Limitless Wealth


Each organization archetype has an ability they are particularly good at, and can gain extra benefit for spending resources.

Bureaucracy (Government): having a labyrinthine bureaucracy can sometimes be an advantage, as it makes it extremely difficult for your foes to fight you. You can spend resources to increase the number of doors for an opponent making a social roll against your organization. This can only be done once for any social roll.
Illicit Goods (Criminal): when purchasing items, your criminal organization can spend one point of resources to purchase an availability 2 object.
Spin (Marketing): you can make anything sound good, and can reduce the number of doors needed to persuade another by one through spending a point of resources.
Task Force (Law Enforcement):due to the interconnected nature of Law Enforcement agencies in the developed world, your organization can spend a point of Resources to have another agency assist you on a roll.

Organization Attributes, Skills, and Advantages

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