Organization Rules and Systems

Special Rules and Systems

Funding: Each month, the organization rolls to secure funding depending on its tactics.

Roll: Power + Acumen (investment), Finesse + Intrigue (black market, smuggling), Finesse + Negotiation (securing public investors), Power + Public Relations (private fundraisers), Finesse + Computers (embezzling or hacking funds).
Action: extended, weekly. Successes tallied each month.
Cost: None
Target Successes: Equal to Size + Staff + Resources

Potential Modifiers: , reputation higher than 5 (1 for each point above 5), positive PR ( 1), major victory (+ 1 to + 5), action of PC (+ 1 for normal success, + 3 for exceptional), allies (+ 1-3), exceptional success on previous month (+ 2), negative PR (-1), major loss (-1 to -5), economic shortage (-1), failure on previous roll (-1), interfering with the funding of another organization (-3), reputation lower than five (-1 for each point below 5)..

Dramatic Failure: incur a 1 on a chance die during a weekly roll, organization cannot make Resources purchase for the next month and takes a point of lethal damage.

Failure: organization fails to secure funding and sustains a point of bashing damage.

Success: organization secures an adequate amount of funding for the next month.

Exceptional Success: organization succeeds with five or more successes in excess of what was needed, research projects are considered amply funded and the organization gains a Resource purchase of one less than the entity’s Resources merit.

Communique Intercept: if the organization possesses a communication/radar facility, it makes one reflexive Finesse + Investigation roll each month to detect relevant chatter.

Dramatic Failure: the institution’s communication protocols attract undue attention to its presence.

Failure: no relevant chatter is intercepted.

Success: organization secures a communication directly pertaining to its interests. What they do with this information is up to them.

Exceptional Success: organization succeeds with five or more successes in excess of what was needed, a highly valuable communication is intercepted. This is necessary for intercepting an alien communication.

Research and Construction

Each week, the organization can roll to construct buildings or prototypes.

Each week, the organization can roll to research new technologies, endowments, upgrades, or tactics.

Rules Adjustments

The levels of power go from individual to company to state. An entity trying to contend with an organization higher than themselves loses the 10-again (1 tier higher) quality or 1’s subtract successes (2 tiers higher). An organization dealing with a lower power tier gains the 9-again (1 tier lower) or 8-again (2 tiers lower) qualities. These qualities are cumulative so a single district attorney trying to fight the state of California loses 10-again and has 1’s subtract successes, while the State rerolls 10’s, 9’s and 8’s.

Resources replenish at one point per week, virtues and vices work as normal. Bases for corporations purchased by PCs must be bought piecemeal using the Size and other base corporate merits.

Damage to organizations heals at the rate of one bashing per week, one lethal per month, and one aggravated per quarter (3 months).

Organizations acquire experience at a rate of 3 beats per month.

Organization Rules and Systems

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