Combat Enhancer

This item was initially developed by Kembangan Technologies before the technology was annexed by PBC for use by XCOM. Developed from traditional herbs, this cocktail of chemical enhancers contains potent adrenaline and neurostimulatory analogs. When inhaled, it causes the subject to enter a hyper-aware, combat ready state that lasts for up to an hour.

Benefits: the character adds +2 to Strength and Stamina die pools for the duration of the scene. Initiative is also increased by +2. Manipulation and Composure die pools are reduced by -2.

Side Effects: the character rolls Resolve + Composure (-2 from the drug’s effects) and if this roll is failed, they acquire the Berserk condition for three turns.

Tolerance: the drug does not work if used more than once per day.

Costs: 1 Muton Corpse

Alien yolk sacs harvested from the cadavers of fallen Sectoids yielded a protein rich mixture that is surprisingly nutritious. Researched and synthesized by Weyland-Utani, this superfood is currently combating hunger in sub-Saharan Africa. It has a very long shelf life and is more nutritious than the meals-ready-to-eat (MREs) currently being used by the world’s militaries.

Benefits: one serving removes conditions associated with hunger or malnutrition. Athletics rolls receive a +1 die bonus for the scene after NutriGrey is eaten.

Side Effects: NutriGrey tastes bland, very bland. Attempts to sweeten it in a sport beverage with Greyterade™ have met with limited success.

Tolerance: if you can tolerate the taste, more will not kill you.

Restorative Mist

This item was initially developed by Kembangan Technologies before the technology was annexed by PBC for use by XCOM. Using traditional south-east asian herbal medicine kicked up a notch with modern biochemistry, this spray synthetically replaces lost skin, clots bleeding, dulls pain, and speeds the healing process.

Benefits: when used with a successful Dexterity + Medicine roll within a turn of a character suffering a physical wound, that character may heal a single health level of damage. An exceptional success on the Dexterity + Medicine roll causes two health levels to be healed. Restorative Mist may not be used twice on the same wound and is ineffective if not used before the character’s next action. Using restorative mist on oneself levies a -3 penalty to the medicine roll.

Side Effects: the character makes a Stamina + Resolve roll against a Toxicity 3 poison. Failure results in the character acquiring the Intoxicated condition.

Tolerance: may not be used twice on a single wound.

Costs: 1 Sectoid Corpse


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